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All Across The Land
Song for Teaching about Abraham Lincoln
Jonathan Sprout

This song is available on Jonathan Sprout's American Heroes

Abraham Lincoln (1809-65), considered to be one our country's greatest presidents, is remembered for his great human qualities. He was a patient, compassionate and just man. Though he was often criticized and in danger of assassination, he bravely lead the nation by the principles he believed to be right, "with malice toward none, with charity for all."

As president, he accomplished two major feats: he freed the slaves and kept the union of states together, despite the Civil War which threatened to tear the United States apart.

Born on the frontier in a dirt floor cabin,
A back woods boy splitting rails into the night.
Big bony hands, piercing eyes,
Reading books by the candlelight.
Tall on a platform, thousands before him
Engaged in the great debate,
He says, "Slavery is evil
A monstrous injustice in the hands of hate!"

This is my proclamation.
Here I make my stand.
I will not rest until I see
Every slave is free
All across the land.

A sea of top hats on a Pennsylvania field
The President addresses a nation's pain.
"Four score and seven years ago..."
Gettysburg was not in vain.
Two weary generals shaking hands
One dressed in blue. One in gray.
News of Appomattox spreads across the land
Then Honest Abe cracks a smile to say:


Keep the Union strong.
Slavery is wrong.
Abolitionists unite!



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Many thanks to Jonathan Sprout for permission to display these lyrics.
© Kanukatunes (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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