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Going On a Car Ride
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Listen & Learn


Ooh, get ready
Ooh, get ready
We’re going on an adventure
First we need to pack
A bag with clothes and games and snacks
And find a seat in the back because you’re...

Going on a car ride!
We’re taking a trip, driving somewhere fun
Going on a car ride!
Waiting patiently until the trip is done
So look out the window, and tell me what you see
Hills or cows or farms or tree after tree
On our way, (hey-hey-hey) in the car today

Ooh, we’re singing
Ooh, we’re singing
We’re going on an adventure
Choose your favorite song
And help me sing along
From your seat in the back because you’re...


Ooh, we’re sitting
Ooh we’re sitting
We’re going on an adventure
But we’ll stop and stretch our body
And eat and use the potty
And then get back in the car because you’re...


Tick, tick, tick go the hours
The drive is really long
But when we get to where we’re going
You’ll be glad that you came along



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Many thanks to Rachel Rambach for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Rachel Rambach. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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