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Lesson Plan: Using Music to Build Phonemic Awareness
Grade 1: Language Arts
Laura Woodall and Brenda Ziembroski

     Children will be introduced to the short vowel 'a'.

     Printable lyrics for Miss Mary Mack.
     Overhead projector and marker.
     One blank transparency.
     "Miss Mary Mack" recording or animated songbook.

     1. Begin by playing the song as you invite the children to join you on the carpet, or as you are getting ready to begin this activity.
     2. When the song is finished, replay it, after saying to the children, "We're going to go back to the beginning of the song. I want you to listen for a special sound we call 'short a.' It sounds like 'a'" (Demonstrate the 'short a' sound.)
     3. Play the beginning of the tape and stop after the first pause in the music. Say "Did you hear the sound 'a?'" (Make the 'short a' sound.) "What words did you hear in that song with a short 'a' sound?" List their ideas on the overhead.
     4. Display a chart paper with the lyrics to "Miss Mary Mack." Say, "Can you sing along with me? Use the chart paper to recite and read the poem several times, without the tape.
5. Demonstrate hand clapping motions as you sing "Miss Mary Mack." Invite the children to join along with you.

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
With silver buttons, buttons, buttons
All down her back, back, back

6. After several repetitions of the song, invite the children to help you brainstorm a list of more words with the short 'a' sound.


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Miss Mary Mack
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