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I Need Help
Speech Therapy Song for Apraxia or Stuttering
Turning Points Media


This song is available on Turning Points Media's "Powertunes: First Sentences for Speech Therapy "

In this song, the phrases “I need help” and “Help me please” are repeated four times each to help children learn and practice the critical skill of requesting assistance.
This song is especially helpful in speech pathology programs for apraxia or for stuttering.

To practice, first print the included lyrics and picture cues.
Have the child touch each picture to follow along as they try to sing with the song.
Start with the very slow version and progress to the "little slow" and regular versions respectively as the child’s competence improves.
Once the child is familiar with the song, he/she can practice producing the phrases with just the picture cues.

This song is available on Turning Points Media's "First Sentences"

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Many thanks to Turning Points Media for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Turning Points Media. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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