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House Pets Walk n’ Talk
The Figure 8 Suite for a Functional Outcome
Program and Concept by Shanti Malladi MS, O.T.R.
Words and Music by Lori and RJ

This song is part of The Figure 8 Suite for a Functional Outcome.

(The Bean Bag Chant was taught on an earlier track. On this track, the Bean Bag Chant concludes and flows smoothly into The House Pets Walk n' Talk.)

Let’s be an ANIMAL ...
like a PET at your house!





Can you be a FLUFFY PINK CAT
and run around the house?

RUN like a CAT...


SWIM like a FISH...


     On the next track, the previous songs are repeated, and upon the conclusion of the House Pets Walk n' Talk, the music flows smoothly into The Sack Jump.

...Now it’s time for the SACK…
Get in and get ready to JUMP...

Detailed instructions are included in the Figure 8 Suite Booklet:


     MUST READ FOR UNDERSTANDING A FIRGURE 8 SUITE PURCHASE: Please make sure that you read the insert or booklet for optimal results! This album is deliberately designed with the INTRO MOVEMENT CALLED THE “BOAT RIDE.” IT IS REPEATED ON PURPOSE!! Each track will begin the same for 1:40. It is called ROTE TRAINING: LEARNING BY REPITITION. The idea is that one will be able to quickly recall the meaning of the material the more one repeats it, which is used frequently with Special Needs Children. After the BOAT RIDE, on each track, the movements are similar, BUT, with different rhythms, beats, concepts, animals, feeling and Walk N’Talk sounds.

for more than 1:40 to get the desired results. Each Walk N’ Talk Movement is approximately 5-6 minutes long less the 1:40 standardized intro ‘Boat Ride’ for each movement. Rote Learning is a learning technique which avoids understanding of a subject and instead focuses on memorization. In the Figure 8 Suite, our focus is memorization of the movement and the sounds.



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Many thanks to Lori and RJ for permission to display these lyrics.
© Figure8Suite. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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