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No me molesten
(Don't Bother Me)
Spanish Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Elise Carr Sumner

This song is available on Elise Carr Sumner's ¡Viva La Musica!

This song practices the present subjunctive.  The English translation can be found below the Spanish lyrics.

No, no, no
No me molesten. ¡No!
No me molesten. ¡No!
¡No me molesten!

Mamá manda que yo haga algo
Lo voy a pensar
Papá prefiere que yo empiece
A trabajar

Y mis hermanos quieren que
Yo juegue con ellos también
Sólo quiero quedarme aquí
No me molesten

La maestra duda que me dedique
A estudiar
Y le digo que yo deseo

Y mis amigos creen que
Yo debo hacer lo que hacen
Sólo quiero quedarme aquí
No me molesten


No, no, no
Don't bother me. No!

Mom orders me to do something
I'm going to think about it
Dad prefers that I begin
To work

And my brothers and sisters want
Me to play with them also
I only want to stay here
Don't bother me

The teacher doubts that I’m concentrating on (Dedicating myself to)
And I tell her that I wish
To rest

And my friends believe that
I must do what they do
I only want to stay here
Don't bother me


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Many thanks to Elise Carr Sumner for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Elise Carr Sumner. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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