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Come With Me! (William Penn)
Song For Teaching Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jonathan Sprout

This song is available on Jonathan Sprout's American Heroes #4

William Penn (1644-1718) was the first great hero of American liberty. A true visionary, he spent many years in English prisons as a result of his belief that everyone deserves respect. After the King of England gave him a huge section of land in America, he traveled throughout Europe encouraging people to come with him and take part in his “Holy Experiment” known as Pennsylvania. It became a place of safety for people the world over who sought freedom and peace, including Native Americans. They lived, in Penn's own words, “with liberty and justice for all” and inspired a community named City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia. His lifelong devotion to truth and equality inspired America’s other Founding Fathers and the unfolding of American democracy.

"Seek not to be rich but happy. Riches lie in bags. Happiness in contentment – something wealth can never give.—William Penn


We are the pacifists. We are the ones oppressed.
By those with narrow-minded views.
You need not stay and suffer through this unrest.
Hear ye! Hear ye! I have good news!

Refrain: Come with me!
Beyond the western sea (Come with me!)
There lies a colony--
A promised land where all are free. Come with me!
Where everyone can be (Come with me)
The voice of Liberty.
Pennsylvania waits for thee. Come with me!

We practice faith with action. It gives us strength to dare.
The Inner Light is our guide.
The path to your salvation is over there.
Hear ye! Hear ye! Put fear aside and


Bridge: Friends, the New World will be our shrine.
Where Brotherly Love will shine, peacefully


Come with me! Pennsylvania waits for thee!
Come with me! Pennsylvania waits for thee!
Come with me!


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Many thanks to Jonathan Sprout for permission to publish these lyrics.
©Kanukatunes All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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