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The United States in the Order of Induction
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Wendy Wiseman and Al Davis

This song is available on States & Capitals


We have fifty great states in our union,
Their loyalty signed and declared,
In the order of each state’s admission,
The first state was Delaware

Join us! Join us!
And see how our country was formed, was formed!
Join us! Join us!
And see how our country was formed!

The second was Pennsylvania
New Jersey was number three
The fourth state to join up was Georgia
Connecticut was fifth, don’t you see

The sixth state was Massachusetts,.....


The tenth state to join was Virginia.....

Vermont was state number fourteen.....


Eighteenth was Louisiana.....

Twenty-second state was Alabama.....


At twenty-six Michigan State.....

Wisconsin was state number thirty.....


The thirty fourth state was Kansas.....

Number thirty-eight is Colorado.....

Oh, Washington State’s forty-second.....

The forty-fifth state was Utah.....


The state farthest north in the Union,
Is Alaska at state forty-nine
The most tropical state is Hawaii
The fiftieth state to sign


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Many thanks to Kidzup for permission to display these lyrics.
© Kidzup Productions . All rights reserved.

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