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Don't Judge Them

Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Paulette Meier

Maria’s getting mean with the girls at school,
‘cause no one wants to be her friend.
‘cause she’s in everybody’s business
and acts like she’s in charge of them.
If they knew about her life at home,
they’d see how she got that way.
She’s the oldest of six with a single mom;
she doesn’t really know how  to play.

ChorusBut don't’ judge her!
She may be doin’ the best that she can.
Let’s not judge her,
though she may need a helping hand.
Don’t judge her,
when we don’t know where she’s been.
And let’s not judge her,
if we’ve never been in her skin.

Today’s like many other days,
Lonnie forgot his book.
And now his dad’s yelling at him,
‘cause he can’t do his homework.
It seems no matter how hard he tries,
Lonnie can’t keep track of his stuff.
With a million things running through his mind,
staying focused is tough!


No one trusts a word that Kiesha says,
‘cause so often it’s been found untrue.
It’s hard to be good friends with someone,
when you don’t know if they’re lying to you.
Well, she’s been making up stories since she was five,
when she thought she had to lie to save her life,
Now she’s caught in a web of confusion,
still doing what she did to survive.


Bridge:  Now I’m not saying that anything
that anyone does is okay.
I’m just asking for some understanding,
‘cause there’s reasons why they’re acting that way!

Final chorus

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Many thanks to Paulette Meier for permission to display these lyrics.
© Paulette Meier.  All rights reserved.  Printed with permission. 

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