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The Cool Humpty Dumpty Song
Nursery Rhyme Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Rocking Rockets

This song is available on You're Really Movin'!!!

The suggested movements further enhance children's enjoyment of this cool song:
     Right and left arms alternate out from shoulders with fingers straight on “HUM” & “ DUM”.
     On “whooa oh oh” hands low, middle and high as the melody goes up.
     Twirl hands around each other at the chest during “HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON THE WALL”
     Fall to the floor backwards, landing on one hand with knees straight on “HAD A GREAT FALL”.
Modify and improvise to match your students' physical motor skill level.

Humpty Dumpty Lyrics

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Many thanks to Tim Christenbury for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Tim Christenbury. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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