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Minuet in G
Johann Sebastian Bach

Meet...Johann Sebastian Bach
     A German Baroque Composer who lived to be 65 years old.

     Feel like a dance instead of a walk?
     Then listen to “Minuet in G” by Bach. 

Excerpted, with permission from 
     Sing Your Way to the Classics, Volume 1

Minuet in G

About the Song: "Minuet in G"

     “Minuet in G” was considered Dance* music during the Baroque period. On one occasion, the comment was made by one of Bach’s companions, “My guests cannot dance at your dance music!” Other’s commented that his music was “too beautiful to be danced to” as they stood in place clapping to the beat. Bach’s reply was, “The thing is that I want them to listen and not to dance...”
     “Minuet in G” is one of several pieces Bach compiled into an album and presented to his second wife, Anna as a gift. Entitled “The Little Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach”, this family legacy contained a collection of short pieces for Anna to play both for the children’s delight and entertainment, as well as to improve her clavier skills. Anna continued to add her favored pieces to this album. However, “Minuet in G” still remains one of the most popular pieces of this collection.

* A Glossary is provided for further explanation of musical terms.

A Brief Biography of J.S. Bach

     Born into a very musical family, Bach was the youngest son of eight children. He was born on March 21, 1685, in Eisenach, Germany, to Johann Ambrosius Bach (the local town musician) and Maria Elisabetha Bach. Both of Bach’s parents died within a year of each other, making him an orphan at the young age of ten.

     Bach went to live with his elder brother, Johann Christoph Bach, also a musician who had been a student of Johann Pachelbel. J. Christoph was the organist at St. Michael's Church in Ohrdruffor, Germany, and gave Bach keyboard lessons. Due to Bach’s obvious talent, however, his brother became jealous and locked up all of his music. This led Bach to sneak some of Pachelbel’s original manuscripts to copy and learn from. He secretly studied by moonlight for six months which led to (The rest of Bach’s biography is included in the book.)



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Many thanks to Power-Plus Learning, Inc. for permission to display this biography and music. 
© Power-Plus Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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