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Giuseppe Verdi
Johann Sebastian Bach

Meet...Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi
     An Italian Romantic Composer who lived to be 87 years old.

     “La Donna é Mobile” sung by a sly fellow,
     Is in Verdi’s opera he calls “Rigoletto."

Excerpted, with permission from 
     Sing Your Way to the Classics, Volume 2

Minuet in G

Verdi’s Opera: Rigoletto

Act I
    A grossly deformed hunchback, Rigoletto, works as a court jester for the Duke of Mantua and does anything the Duke asks of him. The handsome Duke has a reputation of ordering the speedy execution of his enemies, as well as seducing any woman he chooses on a whim. He went to far, however, when he seduced the daughter of Count Monterone.
    When the angry Count bursts into the court to denounce the Duke, he is quickly arrested and sentenced to death; all the while Rigoletto is in the act of mocking him. Before he is carried away, the Count leaves a verbal curse which is specifically addressed to Rigoletto. Feeling remorse, Rigoletto returns home to spend time with his beautiful 16 year old daughter, Gilda, who has been kept hidden from the knowledge of the Duke and his court. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter and the Duke have already met and she likes him.
    Meanwhile, the courtiers devise a detailed strategy to kidnap Gilda (thinking she was Rigoletto’s mistress), using the aid of Rigoletto. Unsuspecting, because he had been told they were kidnaping a neighbor’s daughter, Rigoletto helped with the plan. As time passes, Rigoletto realizes what he’s done and is overcome,as he remembers Monterone’s curse.

Act II
    Back at the palace, the courtiers inform the Duke of their abduction of Gilda. Delighted, the Duke goes to Gilda and seduces her. Distraught, but trying to act indifferent, Rigoletto enters the palace in search for his...

* A Glossary is provided for further explanation of musical terms


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Many thanks to Power-Plus Learning, Inc. for permission to display this biography and music. 
© Power-Plus Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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