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Break the Barrier (Jackie Robinson)
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jonathan Sprout

This song is available on Jonathan Sprout's

More American Heroes

JACKIE ROBINSON (1919-72) broke the color barrier in 1947 when he became the
first black major league baseball player. In spite of racial hostility and even death threats from players and fans, he played the game of baseball with quiet dignity and extraordinary talent. He was a daring base runner, an excellent fielder and held a career batting average of .311. He was an active spokesperson for civil rights, and in 1962 he became the first African-American elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame.

“There is not an American in this country who is free until every one of us is free.” - Jackie Robinson

I’ve got my bat. I’ve got my mitt.
I’ve got the skill. I’m physically fit.
So what’s stopping me from walking on in?
There’s something here I cannot see --
A silent code about people like me.
I’m not welcome ‘cause of the color of my skin.
It shouldn’t have to be this way.
All I want is a chance to play.

REFRAIN: We gotta break the barrier
Come on everybody, one and all,
We gotta break that wall.

There is a fire in my soul.
Sometimes it’s hard to keep control.
I have a plan that’s gonna work out.
With every hit and stolen base,
With every catch, I’ll make my case.
Before I’m done, the fans will shout.
In this democracy, nobody’s free till we all are free.


Jackie, you know how to play the game.
Baseball is never gonna be the same!



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Many thanks to Jonathan Sprout for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
Copyright 2000, Kanukatunes (ASCAP), Song Wizard Music (ASCAP)
Used with permission.


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