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Positive Power

An Upbeat Motivational Song
Jack Hartmann

This song is available on Jack Hartmann's Getting Better at Getting Along.

If the road is long and its turns and winds
I’ll just keep on walking, I’ve just got to try
If the river is wide and the water is rough
I’ll just keep on swimming, I won’t ever give up

And if the rain falls down and the sun won’t shine
I’ll just keep on searching for that rainbow of mine
And if the mountain is high and the mountain is tough
I’ll just keep on climbing til I make it to the top

I know I can do it, got to go and try
Feel that I can make it, reach up for the sky
I’ve got power (echo), power (echo),
I’ve got positve (echo), positve (echo) power

You’ve got power inside of you and there’s so much that you can do
Think and feel, learn and choose, make new friends and tell the truth
Laugh and play, dream and share, tell someone how much you care
There’s so much that you can do , you’ve got power inside of you

Now let’s sing, I can do it (echo), I can do it (echo)
Power, I’ve got power, I can make (echo), I can make it (echo)
Power, I’ve got power, I can do it (echo), I can do it (echo)
Power, I’ve got power



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Many thanks to Jack Hartmann for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jack Hartmann & Hop 2 It Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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