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Valentine, Valentine
A Musical Game by Denise Gagne

This song, with right-hand music notation, is available on Sing and Play on Special Days.


     Form a circle with partners facing each other.
     Measure 1: Clap own hands, clap partner’s right hand, clap own, clap partner’s left hand
     Measure 2: Same
     Measure 3: Same
     Measure 4: Join both hands, change places, turn and face a new friend.
     Continue the game until you return to your first partner.

Variation for older students:
     Before singing the song with their partner, child 1 improvises a 4 beat or 8 beat body percussion
rhythm pattern, and child 2 echoes. Sing the song and do the improvisation with a new partner. To
designate a leader, have the leaders wear red hearts, phys-ed vests, or a piece of masking tape.


Valentine, Valentine, won't you be my valentine? 
Valentine, Valentine, won't you be my friend?

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Many thanks to Denise Gagne for permission to display these lyrics and activity.
© Themes and Variations. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Valentine's Day Song Lyrics

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