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What a Miracle
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Hap Palmer

This song is available as an individual song download with lyrics.
Individual download

This song is also available on Hap Palmer's Walter the Waltzing Worm.

This song is also available on Hap Palmer's Peek-A-Boo.
Individual download

Spanish Version is available on Hap Palmer's Divirtámonos aprendiendo.
Individual download

I have hands, I have hands,
Watch me clap, watch me clap.
Oh, what a miracle am I.

I have feet, I have feet,
Watch me stamp, watch me stamp.
Oh, what a miracle am I.

Oh, what a miracle, oh, what a miracle,
Every little part of me.
I'm something special, so very special,
There's nobody quite like me.

I have arms, I have arms,
Watch me swing, watch me swing.
Oh, what a miracle am I.

I have legs, I have legs,
They can bend and stretch, they can bend and stretch.
Oh, what a miracle am I.

(Repeat Chorus)

I have a spine, I have a spine,
It can twist and bend, it can twist and bend.
Oh, what a miracle am I.

I have one foot, I have one foot,
Watch me balance, watch me balance.
Oh, what a miracle am I.

(Repeat Chorus)

     Body Parts: hands. feet. arms, legs, spine, foot
     Actions: clap, stamp, swing, bend, stretch, twist, balance

     During the verses, children sing each “answer-back” phrase and move in the ways described. The chorus of the song is simple and repetitive. Have children sing as much as they can remember each time they hear it.

    “What are some other ways you can move your hands? feet? arms? Iegs? spine?”
     “Can you name a part of your body that was not used in this song?”
     “What are some ways you could move this part?”
     “Who can think of another part that was not named in this song?”
     “Can you move two body parts at the same time?”
     “Let’s list the body parts and actions you have suggested and sing the song again using your ideas.”


This song is also available in Spanish.

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Many thanks to Educational Activities, Inc.for permission to display these lyrics.
© Activity Records, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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