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Song About Slow and Fast
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Hap Palmer

This song is available on Hap Palmer's Walter the Waltzing Worm.


This is a song about slow.
How slowly can you go?
As slow as the oak tree grows in the meadow,
How slowly can you go?

This is a song about fast,
Soon it will be in the past.
We're in an awful hurry to sing and get through.
There's so many other things that we want to do.

This is a song about fast.
It's almost over at last.
We're so glad it's ending 'cause we got to fly.
It's been great to know you, hello and goodbye!

This is a song about slow.
How slowly can you go?
As slow as the oak tree grows in the meadow,
How slowly can you go?

     slow and fast

     participants sitting or standing - moving in place or freely around the room

     This song can be used in many ways. Listening for the changes in tempo, participants move slowly with the slow music and quickly with the fast music. The moving may be done in place, or traveling through space; with isolated body parts or the whole body. The teacher may want to encourage children to explore other movement qualities in addition to tempo as well as spatial concepts, with questions. such as:
     “Each time you change speed can you also change your level?”
     “Can you move slowly in a tight and tense way and quickly in a loose and floppy way?”
     “Try moving slowly in straight pathways and quickly in curved pathways.”
     “What else can you do as you move slowly? quickly?”
     “Can you move your arms quickly as you move slowly?”
     “Can you move your arms slowly as you move quickly?”
     “What other body parts can you move as you travel slowly and quickly?”
     “Can you travel slow and fast without using your legs?”

     “Can you listen for tempo changes and move in opposition to the music? In other words. move quickly with the slow music and slowly with the fast music.”


     “One at a time. walk across the room. When you get to the middle of the floor, change the speed of your movement. You can walk faster or slower, whichever you choose. I'll play the drum and match the rhythm to the tempo you choose as you move.” “What is another way you could move across the room?” (Examples: run, hop, jump, skip, gallop, slide, roll, etc.) “Moving in any way you choose, cross the room and change speed at least three times before you get to the other side.” “Do this several times until you find a series of movements you like and can remember.” “Find a starting shape that goes into you movements; then find an ending shape.”


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Many thanks to Educational Activities, Inc.for permission to display these lyrics.
© Activity Records, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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