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Katherine Dines

This song is available on Katherine Dines' Hunk-ta-Bunk-ta Gnu

Synonyms are similar like “fast” is “quick”
They mean the same like “dense” and “thick”
Either one or both of them
Synonyms are similar like “fast” is “quick.”

Antonyms are different as “night” and “day”
Opposite words that aren’t the same
“Fast” and “slow”; “go” and “stay”
Antonyms are different as “night” and “day”

Homonyms are funny. They sound the same
Like “new” “knew” and “gnu”, their spellings change
And they mean such different things
Homonyms are funny- like “Maine”, “mane” and “main.”

Homographs are tricky to pronounce
Like “wind” and “wind”; “bow” and “bow”
They’re spelled the same with different sounds
Homographs are tricky to pronounce.



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Many thanks to Katherine Dines for permission to display these lyrics.
© Katherine Dines. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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