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Let's PPPPunctuate

Katherine Dines

This song is available on Katherine Dines' Hunk-ta-Bunk-ta Gnu

Hey you! Yo! Look out! Shazaam!
You gotta get attention or make a stand.
So you stand up tall announce it with passion-
Loud and proud with enthusiasm.
At the end of a word or phrase, it’s HOT!
An exclammation point, line over dot.

I know you can... Punctuate!

Use it when you talk. Tell it to me straight. Use it when you write.
Communicate! Come on now! LET’S PPPPPUNCTUATE! WOW!

When you’re using lots of phrases clauses or words
They run wild together like a buffalo herd
It’s a mumble jumble rumble that’ll rattle your head
So you better use a comma and pause, instead

Repeat Chorus

When you want to know the answer - think you have a doubt
You know you gotta ask and you gotta find out.
Huh? Say what? Are you confused?
Just poke a dot underneath a curly cue.

Repeat Chorus

I’m all through. This jive’s complete.
Language is a rhythm that can’t be beat.
Words are a tool, Too many make you stammer
So when the sentence ends use a dot like a hammer.
Period. Yeah. It ain’t no joke. I’m tellin’ you the truth,


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Many thanks to Katherine Dines for permission to display these lyrics.
© Katherine Dines. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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