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Eat Your Food, Don't Wear It
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Gary Rosen

This song is available on Gary Rosen's Cookin'

Eat your food, don't wear it.
Pass your plate and share it.
Eat your food, I swear it
makes you grow up strong.
Try your very best
not to make a mess mess.
Eat your food, don't wear it.
Chew it up, so long.

Spaghetti makes silly wig.
A carrot makes your nose too big.
Slurp your milk,
you make a white moustache.
Raisins make dark beady eyes.
Pasta comes in neat bow ties.
With potatoes you do the
monster mash.
(It was a graveyard smash.)


A bagel makes a belly button.
Peanut butter's good for nothing.
Whipped cream makes you look like
Santa Claus. (Ho Ho Ho)
Tomato sauce dribble, a bib will do.
Apple juice makes sticky shampoo.
But why do you make a mess?
Just because! Because?


Cauliflowers make the strangest ears.
A grape juice smile lasts for years.
Slice an onion makes you wanna cry (Wah)
Blueberries leave a purple tatoo
And when chicken barbeque
Hits you eye like a big pizza pie.
(That's Amore!)


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Many thanks to Gary Rosen for permission to display these lyrics.
© Gary Rosen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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