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Old Joe Clark
Traditional Lyrics: Arranged and adapted by Gail & James Pokorny 
and David Heitler-Klevans

This song is available on Two of a Kind's Friends.

Fare thee well, Old Joe Clark
Fare thee well, I say
Fare thee well, Old Joe Clark
I best be on my way

I went down to Old Joe's house, he invited me to supper
Stubbed my toe on the table leg and stuck my nose in the butter!


Old Joe Clark, he had a house; fifteen stories high
Every story in that house was filled with chicken pie!


Old Joe Clark had a yellow cat, she would neither sing nor play
Stuck her head in the buttermilk jar and washed her cares away


Old Joe Clark, he had a mule; her name was Morgan Brown
Every tooth in that mule's head was sixteen inches 'round!


[Warning! Grownups are sometimes grossed out by this next verse. Kids, however, rarely seem to be troubled by it.]
Don't ever marry Old Joe Clark, I'll tell you the reason why:
He blows his nose in old corn bread, and calls it pumpkin pie!



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