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The Colors of the Rainbow
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
David Putano

This song is available on David Putano's David's Basics in Education

The  colors  of  the  rainbow
Red,  orange,  yellow,  green,  and  blue – purple  too
The  colors  of  the  rainbow
Rred,  orange,  yellow,  green,  and  blue

Red,  a  fire truck  so  bright
Red  is  an  apple  shining  in  the  light

Orange,  is  a  tiger  and  it's  stripes
Orange  leaves  on  a  tree  are  a  sight


Yellow,  the  color  of  the  sun  in  the  sky
Yellow  is  the  color  of  lemon  pie

Green  are  leaves,  and  green  is  the  grass
Green  is  the  Christmas  tree  we  have

The  sky  is  blue  -  the  ocean  is  too
And  lilacs  are  beautiful  purple  -  for  me  and  you




Goals and Objectives

The children, alone or with family or teacher support, can exercise
and/or learn:

---speech and language through singing
--- listening for and following of specific directions
---specific skills needed for school grade advancement, i.e., to recognize and verbalize
    common colors and related objects



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Many thanks to David Putano, HPMT, MT-BC for permission to display these lyrics.
© David Putano. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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