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Trouble-Shooting Guide

Don't worry!
We will help you successfully download your purchase to your computer.

The most common reasons for problems are the following:
      ▪ Did you read the instructions?
        Most people are able to successfully download their music if
they try again, following the
      ▪ Did you wait for the entire file to download to your computer?
        If you try to open the file before it has completely saved to your computer, you will find some songs missing.
      ▪ Did you "Save" the download to your computer before you opened it?
        If you open the download instead of saving it to your desktop, you might have trouble finding your downloads later on.

If you need assistance, please write us at within 48 hours.
      We will make sure that you are able to download your music to your computer.

Are you having trouble burning your music files to a CD?
      ▪ Please remember to burn your MP3 files (not the zipped file!) to the CD according to the
        instructions of your CD-burning software.
      ▪ You will probably want to select the option to create an audio CD, not an MP3 CD.
      ▪ There are dozens of different CD-burning software programs available, and we regretfully are unable to offer         support once you have successfully downloaded the files to your computer.  
        But here are some links that you might find helpful:    
                For PCs: Windows Media Player Free Download and CD-Burning Guide
                For Macs: ITunes CD-Burning Guide  




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