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Children's Fairy Tale Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andrew Queen

This song is available on Andrew Queen's "Fairy Tales"

It was long ago in a far away land
A teenaged girl was feeling oh so sad
Her two stepsisters were not any fun
They were mean and lazy – all the chores were done
By Cinderella – Ahhhhhhhh
Cinderella – Ahhhhhhhh

She washed the dishes and mopped the floors
Scrubbed out the toilet and so much more
She shoveled the driveway and mowed the lawn
Her chores began at the break of dawn
for Cinderella . . .

The olde towne crier came a-ringing a bell
He had an announcement and he had to yell,
“The Prince will be throwing a fancy ball!”
The invitation went out to all
but Cinderella . . .

Her stepsister said, “But you can’t go!
You’re covered in soot from head to toe
You don’t have a dress or dancing shoes
So you’ll have to stay home. Oh boo hoo hoo
Cinderella.” . . .

She sat alone in a corner and cried
When a tiny sparkle came flying inside
It flew and flickered and glittered and grew
Into a tiny godmother saying, “How do you do!”
to Cinderella . . .

With a few magic words and a wave of her wand
Cinderella’s dirty torn rags were gone
She had tiny glass slippers and a fancy gown
And a horse and carriage to take her downtown
Cinderella . . .

(Complete lyrics available with download)


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Many thanks to Andrew Queen for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Andrew Queen. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 


Fairy Tale Song Lyrics

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