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Song for Teaching the Importance of Responsibility
Laszlo Slomovits

This song is available on Rock Solid Kids.

Connecting Dialogue for Introducing this Song:
Speaker 1: Responsibility. Now there’s a BIG word!
Speaker 2: With a BIG meaning!
Speaker 3: One way to think of it is that responsibility is the ability to respond.
Speaker 4: When something needs to be done, we are able to respond to the need and to take care of it.
Speaker 5: Even when we don’t feel like it, if it’s the right thing to do, we do it.


When something needs to be done I do it,
I’m responsible.
If I make a mistake I own up to it,
I’m responsible.

And when I talk my talk, I walk my walk.
And when I give my word, I keep my word.
That’s the way I‘m responsible, that’s the way I am true —
Not just to you, but to myself too.

I don’t make excuses, complain, or blame
I’m responsible.
Taking care of myself, helping out is my aim
I’m responsible.

And when I talk my talk…

When I’m responsible, I get more freedom, more choice.
When I’m responsible, then people listen to my voice.
They don’t have to worry about me, they can count on me.
I do my share in my family, and in my community.

I treat my life as a precious gift,
I’m responsible.
I follow my dreams, I don’t go adrift,
I’m responsible.



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Many thanks to Laszlo Slomovits for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Laszlo Slomovits. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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