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Father Abraham had Seven Sons
Traditional Children's Chant

This song is available on 25 More Favorite Camp Fire Songs.

This song becomes very silly, very quickly. It was the hardest one to record
because the singers couldn't stop laughing!
    Each time you sing the song, you add the following actions, without ever giving up any of the previous actions: 
     Right arm! (Pump your right arm and fist in the air.) 
     Left arm! (Now do the same with your left arm.) 
     Right foot! (Stomp the ground with your right foot.) 
     Left foot! (Stomp the ground with your left foot.) 
     Tongue out!

    There are other possibilities: Knees together, chin up, wrists together, etc. You get the idea!                                                              -- Denise Gagné Williamson

Father Abraham had seven sons
Seven sons had Father Abraham

Well, they couldn’t laugh and they couldn’t sing
All they did was go like this:

With a right! (arm)
And a left! (arm)
And a right! (foot)
And a left! (foot)
Chin up!
Tongue out!




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Many thanks to Denise Gagné Williamson for permission to display these lyrics.
© Denise Gagné Williamson. All rights reserved.

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