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You, Cezanne
Song for Teaching Art Students About Paul Cezanne
Greg Percy

This song is available on Greg Percy's Songs in the Key of Art, Volume 4.


He grew up in the south of France 
His dad said study law 
but all Cezanne wanted to do 
was stay inside and draw

Then his father passed away 
and left him fortune and fame 
he painted without worry 
but the Salon said he didn’t have “game”

I Say “Ce” and you say “zanne”
I Say “Ce” and you say “zanne”
I don’t believe this song can go on... 
Till I Say “Ce” and you say “zanne”

(I Say “Ce” and you say “zanne”)
(I Say “Ce” and you say “zanne”)
(I Say “Ce” and you say “zanne”)

He painted lots of fruits,
because they didn’t move
He painted people while they were bathing
Early on the reviews They were BAD!,
In fact they were quite scathing

His card players look so sturdy
I think one has a joker
The picture always reminds me of,
the dogs playing poker


Creating volume, creating space
Replacing what was there
Bright planes of color
always fill the air

His paintings of the Mountains
all kind of look the same
you may forget their titles
but don’t forget his name,



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Many thanks to Greg Percy for permission to use this song sample.
© Greg Percy. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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