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The Cleanup Anthem
For the Art Room
Greg Percy

This song is available on Greg Percy's Songs in the Key of Art, Volume 4.


Look up on your table, 
Look down on your floor 
Make it look the way it did 
When you walked in the door 

I know what you’re thinking
If I wait long enough
Somebody else
Might just put away my stuff

You know I’m not your mama
Won’t clean up after you
Another class is waiting
Do what you need to do


“But It’s not my table..”
“I didn’t get it out,”
“Can I go to the bathroom?”
the children always shout
If you got it out, put it away
Then look for something more,
Please help out someone else
Make it cleaner than before!

You’ll always find a pencil,
Your markers all will write,
When lids go back on top of them
Each and every night
You share this room with everyone
At school we always do,
So clean it up for others
Just like they will for you



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Many thanks to Greg Percy for permission to use this song sample.
© Greg Percy. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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