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Where’s the Groundhog?
Animal Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Mark Szabo

This song is available on Mark Szabo's Mark from the Park: A Natural Attitude

I was walking in the park the other day
It was so cold, I wished it was May
I heard nothing but the wind
I thought the animals were hibernatin’

In the snow, I saw some tracks here
From their shapes they were made by a deer
A hollow log lay on the ground
And in its hole a skunk can be found

I saw all kinds of tracks everywhere
Those of skunks and squirrels, and I got to stare
At a raccoon sleeping up in a tree
But it’s a groundhog I want to see

I used the trashcan, like we all should
Inside a ‘possum was eating what he could
I got this thought in my head
Why wasn’t he just playin’ dead?

I guess most mammals don’t hibernate
Only a few have to, or meet their fate
Winter can be both a friend and a foe
But where’s the groundhog?
I want to know

It’s hibernating underground
‘Cause for groundhog there’s no food to be found
It’s hibernating underground
‘Cause for groundhog there’s no food to be found


It’s hibernating underground
Its breathing has slowed way down
It’s hibernating underground
Its heart hardly makes a sound (repeat)

No food to be found whoa
No food to be found whoa



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Many thanks to Mark Szabo for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Mark Szabo. All rights reserved. Used with permission.





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