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The Bird Song
Song about Birds
Phil Rosenthal

The complete song is available on Phil Rosenthal's Animal Songs.

Feathers keep them warm and dry
Help them when they want to fly
Brightly colored through the sky
See them move along.

Some can barely make a sound
Others' calls are quite renowned
When you see them fly around,
Listen to their song.

Birds of a feather, out in the weather
Alone or together, see them sail along
As they go flying, calling and crying
Sweetly replying. Listen to their song.

The hummingbird just darts around
The ostrich runs...
The eagle...
The grackle...
The robin's...
The mockingbird...


The cowbird is a lazy pest
She lays her eggs in another's nest
And leaves them...

The bobolink's a happy thing...


There's jay and crow, lark and owl
And many kinds of waterfowl
Whipporwill, the hawk and dove
The bluebird and the chickadee
The pheasant, finch and mountain quail
The raven and the yellow rail
The peacock.....



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Many thanks to Phil Rosenthal for permission to display these lyrics.
© Phil Rosenthal. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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