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Johnny Works with One Hammer
Traditional Children's Action Song

This song is available on Fingerplays and Footplays for Fun & Learning.

1. Johnny works with one hammer,
One hammer, 1 hammer,
Johnny works with 1 hammer,
Then he works with two.
(Hammer one fist lightly on leg)

2. . . . Two hammers
(Hammer both fists on legs)

3. . . . Three hammers
(Hammer both fists on legs and one foot on the floor)

4. . . . Four hammers
(Hammer both fists on legs and both feet on the floor)

5. Johnny works with five hammers,
Five hammers, five hammers,
Johnny works with five hammers
(Hammer both fists on legs, both feet on floor, and nod head down and up)
Then he goes to sleep.
(Rest head on joined palms, pretending to go to sleep)

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Many thanks to Educational Activities for permission to display these lyrics and actions.
© Educational Activities. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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