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The Bunny Hop
Exercise Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Actions from Jack Capon & Rosemary Hallum, Ph.D.

This song is available on Children’s All-Time Rhythm Favorites

MUSIC: The Bunny Hop

Single line, hands lightly on hips of the person in front.

     1) Introduction: Counts1-16 Wait in place.
          Place R foot out to side, bring it back, 1-2
          Place it out to the side again, step R beside L. 3-4
          Place L foot out to the side, bring it back, 5-6
          Place it out to the side again, step L beside R. 7-8
          Jump forward lightly and pause. 1-2
          Jump backward lightly and pause. 3-4
          Jump forward 3 times, then pause. 5-8
          Continue repeating this pattern.

     Leader of the line may move in a circle clockwise or counterclockwise, or in any direction desired—for example, straight forward, sideward, curved, zigzag, etc. Teacher or student volunteer may give signal (ring bell, play drum, etc.) for the leader to go to the end of the Iine so that a new leader may have a turn.
     Since there are no Iyrics in this arrangement of The Bunny Hop, call the dance by different names at different seasons of the year—Witch hop, Turkey Hop, Santa’s Elf Hop, Jack Frost Hop, etc.
     Very young children may wish to jump forward all the time instead of the traditional forward-back-forward.

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Many thanks to Educational Activities, Inc.for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Activity Records, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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