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mindmuzicMind Muzic K-12 Lessons

Mind Muzic K-12 Lessons: Math, English, History, Science, and many more! Over 150 songs, lyrics, and quizzes for grades K-12. *Click here to see our Introductory Special Offer*
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readingReading-Language Arts

Mind Muzic English K-12

CDs CDs Song LyricsGeneral Language Arts Songs

CDs CDs Song LyricsAlphabet and Phonics

CDs CDsSong LyricsPhonological Awareness

CDs CDsSong LyricsGrammar, Punctuation & Spelling

Downloads CDsSong LyricsReading Comprehension

Downloads CDsSong LyricsWriting Skills and Motivation

CDs CDs Song LyricsChildren's Literature Songs

math  Mathematics

Mind Muzic Math K-12

Downloads CDs Song LyricsGeneral Math Songs

CDs CDs Song LyricsEarly Numbers & Counting

CDs CDs Song LyricsAddition and Subraction

CDs CDs Song LyricsMultiplication and Division

CDs CDs Song LyricsMoney & Economics

CDs CDs Song LyricsUpper Elementary & Above

CDs CDs Song LyricsGeometry & Trigonometry

scienceScience Songs

Mind Muzic Science K-12

CDsCDsSong LyricsGeneral Science Songs

CDsCDsSong LyricsAnimals

CDsCDsSong LyricsBiology, Botany, & Physiology

CDsCDsSong LyricsEarth Science / Geology

CDsCDsSong LyricsEnvironment, Nature & Ecology

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsFood and Nutrition

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsHealth, Hygiene & Fitness

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsPhysics, Chemistry & Astronomy

Social Studies

Mind Muzic History K-12

CDsCDsSong LyricsAfrican American History & Culture

CDsCDsSong LyricsAmerican History and Government

CDsCDsSong LyricsCanadian History and Culture

CDsCDsSong LyricsDiversity and Multiculturalism

CDsCDsSong LyricsFolk Music

CDsCDsSong LyricsGeography

CDsCDsSong LyricsU.S. Presidents


CDsCDsSong LyricsEnglish: ESL - EFL - ESOL

CDs CDsSong LyricsCDsFrench

CDsCDsSong LyricsGerman


CDsCDsSong LyricsSpanish

CDsCDsSong LyricsSpanish: Advanced Learners

CDsCDsSong LyricsChinese

fine artFine Arts

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsArt Appreciation and Theory

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsMusic Appreciation and Theory

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsDance Songs

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsSongbooks and Sheet Music

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsInstrumentals & Piano Solos

physical educationPhysical Education & Fitness

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsPE & Fitness Songs

CDsCDsSong LyricsAction and Movement Songs

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsHealth Education

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsSports Songs

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsDance Songs

general educationGrade Levels & School Songs

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsPreschool / Kindergarten

DownloadsCDsDownloadsEarly Elementary

DownloadsCDsDownloadsUpper Elementary

DownloadsCDsDownloadsCommon Core

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsBack to School Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsChants and Raps for All Ages

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsClassroom Transitions

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsGrowth Mindset

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsStudy Skills & Test-Taking

Downloads CDsCustom School Songs

CDs Song LyricsGraduation Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsSummer Break Songs

preschoolEarly Childhood

Mind Muzic Play and Learn PreK-2

CDsCDsSong LyricsAction and Movement Songs

CDsSong LyricsThe Calendar and Seasons

CDs Song LyricsNursery Rhymes for Children

CDs Song LyricsNumber & Counting Skills

CDsSong LyricsColors, Shapes and Sizes

CDsSong LyricsEveryday Routines

CDs Song LyricsFingerplays

CDs Song LyricsLullabies

CDsSong LyricsTransportation Songs

CDsSong LyricsSilly Songs

CDsSong LyricsPreschool & Kindergarten Songs

CDsSong LyricsPreschool Themes

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsPersonalized Songs

seasons & holidaysSeasons and Holidays

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsThe Weather and Seasons

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsAll Holidays

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsSchool Concert Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsChristmas Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsChanukah Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsKwanzaa Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsNew Year's Day Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsMartin Luther King, Jr. Day

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsValentine's Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsPresident's Day Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsSt. Patrick's Day Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsEaster Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsEarth/Arbor Day Songs

DownloadsDownloadsSong LyricsCinco de Mayo Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsMemorial Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsMother's/Father's Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsFlag Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsIndependence Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsColumbus Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsHalloween Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsVeteran's Day Songs

DownloadsSong LyricsSong LyricsThanksgiving Songs

special educationSpecial Education

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsGeneral Special Needs Songs

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsSpeech Therapy Songs

CDsSong LyricsSongs for Children with Autism

character educationLife Skills & Character

CDsCDsSong LyricsAnti-Bullying

CDsCDsSong LyricsCharacter Education

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsDiversity / Multiculturalism

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsEtiquette & Manners

CDsCDsSong LyricsFamily

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsFriendship & Conflict Resolution

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsGrowth Mindset

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsMindfulness

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsPositive Attitudes

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsSafety

DownloadsCDsSong LyricsStudy Habits & Test-Taking Skills

religious & inspirationalReligious & Inspirational

Mind Muzic Bible Songs

CDs Song LyricsChristian Songs for Children

Downloads CDs Song LyricsJewish Songs for Children

CDsBible Songs

CDs Song LyricsInspirational Songs

musical playsMusical Plays & Concerts

CDs Song LyricsSchool/Classroom Plays

CDs Song LyricsSchool Concert Songs

CDs Song LyricsGraduation Songs

videosVideos & Readers

Downloads CDsEducational DVD Videos

CDsDownloadsSong LyricsPuppy Readers™ swf/mp4 Formats

Articles for TeachersArticles & Teaching Tips

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